A kid, a misplaced sausage and your families health!

What does a kid and a misplaced sausage have to do with having a healthy family and raising healthy kids? Find our below!

It’s Sunday morning and I’m looking forward to breakfast with my family. My son sits down next to me and drops one of his sausage links on the floor of which he says “shit”. I reprimand my son and ask him where he ever got that from, glaring up at my wife who is know every so often for her colorful vocabulary. He had no answer, so I followed up by telling him he should not be saying that word because it’s going to get him in trouble at school.

Fast forward to the next morning where I have already cleaned up 2 spills, am running behind, and just dropped some oatmeal on the floor (the 3rd spill in 5 minutes). I very softly, and unawarely said “shit!” My 3 year old, sage of a son turns around with a pointed finger and says “That’s where I got it from”. And there you have it, caught in the act! I really wasn’t aware of what I said and that I was even saying it.

I had an effect on my son. I am shaping his early years which will set in motion how he sees the world, his habits, etc. And although that wasn’t an effect I wanted to bestow upon him, I’d rather leave that to my wife :-). I realize it’s happening to all of us. Well now imagine using this in a different way; for instance laying a healthy foundation for our kids and their health. Kids don’t come into this world unhealthy, we influence them, and we can influence them positively by helping them get their rest, minimizing distractions like too much electronics, helping them be healthy eaters and aligning with food and water that’s going to serve them. This is all possible in a world that seems to be too busy to take care of the things that matter most.

But how do we do this? By taking care of ourselves! Become what you want your kids to become. Take on the traits and the eating that you want your kids to do because we can’t fool them. No matter what it looks like on the outside, they will do what we do. Creating this path for yourself will keep you honest, will allow you to keep a beginner’s mind and will keep you green and growing instead of ripe and rotten. All of us have things to learn, ways to stretch ourselves, and this continues until we take our last breath. By being a good example for them, one day they may point to you and said that’s why I do it and you’ll be proud (unlike me) of what you’ve done.

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