November Newsletter: A Time to Give Thanks

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November 2015


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.

There are countless things to be thankful for and so much that blesses each of us in our lives. Although we deeply know this, we can pass it by pretty easily. I got thinking about gratitude and the power of it and how it always makes me and others feel so good.

So why is being grateful so powerful? Why does it change people’s health when they practice it?  What’s the magic in gratitude? The magic in it is that it helps us remember a certain truth about life. That no matter how we live our life or who we think we are that life is always supporting us and working towards our greatest good. Gratitude takes you up above the clouds of everyday life and shows you the sun that’s always shining.  Gratitude burns away worry, lifts depression and makes a good day better.  Gratitude says I’m perfect as I am right now. It is my belief that the reason it improves health is that every cells sings to the song of gratitude. A lot like laughter, it’s healing. But it can be a difficult journey to develop true gratitude.

For a good amount of time during my childhood I was away from both my mom and dad.  I lived with my grandmother in Barbados with my brothers and sisters. My grandparents didn’t have much money. We had farm animals in the backyard of which we tended to, and eventually ate, and we washed our clothes by lighting a fire and scrubbing them on a washboard. I missed my mom immensely and my grandmother was strict and very physical with me. I was very unhappy.  But you know what?  Those times have shaped me into who I am today and I have perspective because of those times. I take little for granted. When I hear others complain of having so much laundry to do, I kind of just laugh to myself. You put it in the machine and walk away.  The hardest part is remembering to fold it and that they’re doing in their warm home.

We can lose perspective so easily and the things we have we can take for granted. This is where gratitude is so powerful. It’s a habit we cultivate to remember that in each moment we are given something and we’re acknowledging that. Most of the pain I see in other people is because they’ve lost their perspective. No matter how hard you think your life is, there’s always something to be grateful for. Even a little boy from Barbados who missed his Mom could have been taught to count his blessing. Every experience serves us, so get busy exploring this cool place you’re in. It’s taken me a lot of time studying to realize how powerful gratitude is. I love to make it a part of my life but sometimes I just forget. It’s like everything else, a habit that we acquire and I get the honor of helping others find it in their lives today.

Imagine having a world of grateful people, there is nothing that could not be done.  Happy Thanksgiving… each moment.

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