The real secret to caring for yourself!

The story below will help you understand what we will be doing together and how a certain way of thinking is necessary to not only get the results you want but to keep them. I look forward to being on this journey with you.

Our last dog was a rescue so we decided to get another one. From the moment we met Mandy she was friendly loving and energetic but she was also a handful. We reacted to all of this by yelling, screaming and even getting to the point of regretting we ever got her. The dog instructor we hired showed me how to be consistent with her, cue her correctly and schedule her. Truthfully the biggest difference that came about through the training was in me. You see, Mandy was always trainable. The errors that is made in dog training is usually by the owners.

Most dog training is done with distracting or ignoring negative behavior and rewarding positive behavior. The instructor says the dog is looking to please you and wants your attention. To overreact to a negative behavior just feeds it or leads them to hide it the next time. The dog’s attention span is so little they usually don’t know what you are even mad at them about. The bulk of your time needs to be focused on what you WANT them to do. Redirect them and lead them to the behavior you want. This takes an investment of time, training and PATIENCE but surprisingly it happens relatively quickly.

When we find ourselves with bodies that are overweight and unhealthy we usually become frustrated, a lot like I did with Mandy. We usually get mad at our bodies and feel like they are deceiving us, but I am here to tell you that the only one that needs the training is you. Why? Because you are calling the shots. We need to keep you clear and focused on what you are asking for and stop you from doing things to hurt the body that you are asking results from. A lot like Mandy, your body is looking to please you. Treat it well, give it what it needs and you will love how it looks and feels. It is us that need to get the proper training on consistency of habits, patience, and an investment of time into ourselves. We also need to be mindful of the what we give attention to. Are we going to waste energy beating ourselves and hating our bodies or changing the behavior. So follow the tips in this book and again like dog training the results come quickly if you will allow yourself to change.

(From the Mind-Body Journal Series 1.)

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